In order for a pack to work, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow, and in a family you know when you grow up in a family your parents become a pack leader and then we take that follower position, naturally nobody questions that, but the family becomes dysfunctional when no one works as a team, as a pack everybody has an equally important position the followers and the leaders, the followers without a leader is no sense of direction and a leader without a follower is no fulfillment in that ~ Cesar’s Way


I always like to create harmony and balance when I am walking dogs and discipline is important – you want your dog to listen and obey (for safety) therefore if the dog that I’m walking hasn’t been trained then during my walk I will take the opportunity to train them. Right before the walk I always ask them to sit, then in 10 minutes I ask again to sit, this really helps to keep you the leader and the dog the follower. I don’t always use treats I use affection, a pat on the head or a kiss on their forehead and a rub behind the ears, I’ve found this to have wonderful impact. Treats are good but owners over use them sometimes.  As Cesar says, “Dogs work in Packs and you have to choose to be the leader over your dog, its truly more fulfilling for your animal, they love it”.


If you’d like to book for a private training class, please give me a call. I do training periods of 30 minutes with the owner and your pet, that’s a good amount of time for dog to stay focused. Training for 30 minutes is $35 ~ I recommend 10- 30 minute lessons.  The owners must follow-up every day on these training tips in order for your dog to learn, its very important. Give us a call at Newport Dog Walkers to arrange a time

 Training the Pack ~ Who’s the leader? Training the Pack ~ Who’s the leader?

 Obedient dogs are the best! Obedient dogs are the best!