I have a 10 course (5 weeks), 30-minute Private Training course for Puppies. We do 2 courses each week. Each course is $40 for a half hour. All puppy training is paid upfront and scheduled so we can stay on course. Total course is $400.


Puppy training starts the moment you bring your puppy home. Whatever he does, you must react properly, or he will learn the wrong things. Puppies are delightful bundle’s of energy, curiosity and joy as long as the Pet Owner understands that training needs to be put into place immediately. This is where Newport Dog Walkers comes into play.


I have a program of 10 courses that will get your puppy trained as long as the Pet owner keeps the program going, this is key.  You will need to work with your puppy for weeks/months to come. If you need me to come back because you see some behavioral program ~ do not wait, call me so we can fix it. Remember a good puppy is a happy puppy, the minute they start showing signs of distress or some behavioral problem, do not wait. Let’s fix it!


You must get it right from the Beginning! First and foremost teach your Puppy daily routines. Below is one example of what I start with:

·       Where the food and water dishes are

·       What times of the day he will eat

·       Where is his bed

·       What time he goes to bed

·       What time he gets up

·       Where he goes to the bathroom ~ use the words “Get Busy” which means; poop & pee time

·       Where his toys are kept


This is just the beginning of a small part of the training I do, but an important part.  Give me a call and we can discuss times to get your puppy ready for the courses, Don’t wait Call Now!

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