There is nothing better than when you’re walking a few dogs and they’re all calm, respectful, joyful and confident. The goal is to be able to walk your dog in a calm matter, meaning they are not leaching out at another dog passing or barking at other dogs. Remember, your dog senses everything from you, if he/she feels you are tense most likely your dog will become tense and will leap out at a passing dog or even a person.


Before setting off for the walk with your beloved dog, the number one goal is accomplishing a “Calm” walk. One step you should be practicing when entering your home every day is when your dog gets excited to see you enter do not show him excitement ~ show him calmness. Let him calm down before you give him attention once he is calm, kneel down in a calm matter and tell him good boy in a calm voice. You’ll do the same thing when leaving the house or taking him for a walk. Start with calmness and end with calmness, every single time.


There are many steps I will go over in future blogs about achieving a calm walk. I love walking with a pack of dogs that are calm and joyful.

 Calm Pack Walking Calm Pack Walking

 Learn to walk your pack calmly Learn to walk your pack calmly