Getting stung by a bee or wasp is certainly not fun for your canine, but you can lessen the severity of a sting by removing the stinger with a credit card instead of tweezers. My dog got stung by the bee and he was hauling, I didn’t know what was happening until he started reaching back to his leg then I saw the stinger sticking out. Don’t let your dog get to the stinger before you do.

 Tweezers are a common tool for removing stingers, but what many people don’t know is that removing a stinger with tweezers will inevitably squeeze any remaining venom that’s left in the venom sac into the skin. This causes even more pain and swelling for your canine. 

If your dog gets a wasp or bee string, what to do?

 #1 always carry a credit card when walking your dog. I like to have a small cross-over bag where ever I go so then I have some money, credit card and I put the doggie bags in there too.

 #2 take a credit card or driver’s license and scrape the surface of the skin with the edge of the card. The stinger will catch onto the edge and gently be lifted out of the skin.