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Secondly, I programmed my Apex DVD player and the buttons at the bottom of the remote don't do what they say they do. I am also trying to have it turn the TV on and off along with the DirecTV box. I had no problem programming the remote to operate my TV. I'm using an RC66RX remote and would like to program it to control the power, volume, and input functions of the tv. If that didn't help, try resetting the remote to its default factory settings: It all comes down to the TV and audio codes which don't work. The DirecTV site will give you a series of codes that work for the specified manufacturer for most DirecTV users; write down the codes so that you can try them later. Tried the setup menu....called directv he gave me 4 other code numbers to try...none worked....gave me two months of free showtime and told me to contact Sony. Live chat with Sony did not work....They don't know the codes that the manufacture puts in the remote. If I hit the off button once everything turns off....sounds good, but the TV Input button won't work. Hey f300. For customized offers, tell us your preferences (optional). The codes will work with your Samsung TV, as they are recommended by DIRECTV. I called Directv, they ran me thru the process of pressing mute and select and then typing in like 8 different codes with no luck. Since I have had it, I have been unable to program the TV to my directv box. Select Pair/Program Remote. Go to Remote Control and press SELECT. I have a couple of questions. None of the coding from DirecTV works for volume/mute. So, let’s get you familiarized with the Genie® remote. Learn to RESET DirecTV remote. I have a D10-200 receiver without DVR. That's supposed to be a good thing, locking the code in, right? None of the codes would work, except one that … However, if you’ve tried all those steps and the remote control is still not working, the only thing left to do is to reset the remote. I have an LG NB3520A Soundbar hooked up to an LG 55LM7600. I tried about 20 codes to program my Directv remote to operate the 40" TV, model # XXXXX none of them worked. That doesn't happen on my Sammy. You may only see one code appear. Fix DIRECTV remote not working Issues. It I couldnt find any codes for my DirecTv remote (universal) so I too tried the TV-Mute-release-channel up method and when I got to about 74 presses of the up button, the tv went off. I tried the 200 - 217 codes for my DirecTV R15, and they didn't work. I have tried the codes 00001, 00002, 00003, and 00004---none of them work. I am trying to program its remote to work with my Directv HD receiver. I pretty much did it for my family's convinience and my self-esteem and determination. So, you’re new to DIRECTV, and you’re ready to ditch remotes for your television, DVD player and television provider. help? In fact, I don't know why I put so much emphasis on this…it was just really bugging me that none of the codes would work and the Directv website as well as the customer service for both Directv and Westinghouse were of no help whatsoever. If I get the TV input to work the off button only turns off the HR22-100. It may happen that you may need to press hard to make the keys of your remote work. ... DirecTv remote code for Sony STR-DH850. Just purchased a TCL 43S425 for the bedroom, using it with an old Directv HR24 DVR. I have satellite TV signal. Hello All, I have a Vizio L42 HDTV. they give me 3 codes to try. I am unable to get the remote code for my surround sound receiver to work. Like i said, the remote works fine on DirecTV but the TV input doesn't work. i follow all the instructions, but none of the codes are getting a response from my tv. If no codes appears here, your remote cannot be connected to your searched TV or component. Help just got the Denon 4300 and these codes dont work for my RC71 remote! I went through the manual code search, which is about sixty codes, and none of them work, either. Depending on your setup, this may be automatic, or you may have to enter codes into your remote. Enter DIRECTV’s universal remote. I then pressed the power button and then the TV button blinked 3 times. First of all, none of the codes listed work for my DirecTV. It works with my Sony DVD and Sharp TV, although I had to do a manual code search because the Sharp code was not in the list. Does anyone know the code? i recently bought a new emerson lcd hdtv. I have a Toshiba 42HM66 HD DLP TV. If you are a DirecTV subscriber and happen to encounter some problems with a Genie Remote, you can go online and access the DirecTV Help Center for instructions on how to fix common issues. Same here with a 4300. 4 year old digital receiver). You have to make your account on the website of the Directv remote to get any help from it. My HR20 lists Polaroid. If you're having trouble with your DIRECTV remote control, try Troubleshoot & Resolve online or read through a few tips. I need help programming my Directv remote to work with Olevia TV. Use the code lookup tool to find the 5-digit code. I recently bought a URC-4220 "One for All" remote control. Like I said, I had this working previously. You can program Directv remote to a soundbar by going into the settings, wait for a confirmation message, go to the options in the remote control, select your soundbar, and save the settings. Does anyone know of a way to get the DirecTV remote to … To program the remote, move the slider at the top all the way to the right under the "tv" label. Responding to this thread made me curious about which codes work with my various Yamaha receivers so I just tested the two I use the most: 31476 works with my RX-V800 (approx. DIRECTV Rc66X Ir Remote Control - Universal Programmable 4-Device for H24 H25 Hr24 with Xmp (+ All Irs), Batteries, Labels 4.6 out of 5 stars 273 $8.79 $ 8 . Try those EDIT: If none of those work, see if you have a listing for Prima. If you have gone through the remote codes and they are not working, then I can provide instructions to program the control manually, or if you have one of the newer receivers, I can provide video how to do it. It controls; power off (not on), volume, mute AND input. I am using a HR22-100 and I have tried all the codes listed and not one of them does it all. Since I have had it, I have been unable to program the TV to my directv box. 79 $10.00 $10.00 Well, thanks! What I am trying to do is program the DirecTV remote to control the soundbar for volume +/- and mute. None of the remote code work, for my rca 32" I have 3 RCA tvs in the house here and none have remotes ... 26" & 40". I'm trying to program my directv remote to control my tv. ! ... First, make sure none of the keys are in the pressed position. i tried all the codes that directv has and none of them work. May have to try an older remote. So i can't change to my computer, audio etc without using 3 remotes again. Thank you. I am looking for the code for Directv remotes RC71 and RC65RX for my AV receiver Sony STR-DH850. Update Preferences None of the TCL codes provided with the remote work. I had the DirecTV remote set perfectly a month ago but i put too many numbers in before, tried reset, and it hasn't been the same since. I tried all of the codes in the Vizio manual for Directv but none of them worked. I can get a Harmony, but since all of my other remotes in the house are DirecTV, I'm kind of partial to having uniformity. You have been added to our email list. does anyone know what the code is.. tired of lugging 2 remotes.. I have called Directv and tried all of the codes that they suggested, none work . I can get the Denon to turn off but it wont control the volume with the remote. DirecTv too. Electronics Technician: Steven , Technician replied 7 years ago For that Tv their is no code listed from direct TV, you have to use the search feature, do you know how to use that. Code 10000 (ten-thousand) worked for my 50" Sceptre HDTV Model: X505BV-FHD paired to my RC66X Directv remote. None of the LG codes DirecTV provides work. Here they are: 10765, 10865, 11262, 11314, 11316, 11326, 11327. The universal remote can control up to four devices, including sound systems and gaming consoles. I have a rc65rx directv remote that I cannot program with my Denon AVR S500 BT. The model code for the remote is written in the upper left corner above the TV Input button. None of the Panasonic TV remote codes for the DirecTV remote seem to work. Write down the codes that appear.

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